Erik Bigalk is a widely published freelance writer who writes across a broad array of topics, industries, genre, and publications.
Bilingual in English and German, Erik brings with him a colourful and diverse background, which he frequently draws on when tackling relevant articles.
In his former lifes, he’s been an international mime artist, energy healer, events coordinator, business speaker, real estate agent as well as a marketing strategist and business solutionist.

Nowadays, Erik writes extensively on business and property, architecture, travel, lifestyle, food and more…


In his spare time, he enjoys doing yoga, spending time with his two daughters and traveling to exotic locations (preferably ones with good food), and capturing the world through the lens of his camera.

He can be found between Bali, Byron Bay and Melbourne, airport lounges and all sorts of seductive locations that inspire his writing and photography.

He is available for articles, content and opinion pieces, and feature stories – both in Australia and internationally. He is a published ghostwriter and has created copy for websites and marketing collateral.